English spoken parts of the program

Most workshops will be in dutch, several will be in english. If you attend a workshop and tell the people who are doing the workshop that you don’t understand or speak Dutch, mostly people will look for a solution. This will be either finding you a translator (somebody attending the workshop who is willing to translate) or doing the workshop in english alltogether. Please don’t hesitate to ask, if you don’t make yourself clear, the people giving the lecture or workshop might not ask and that would just be very uncomfortable for you. The entire weekend is about learning, sharing, empowering and enjoying so there’s nothing weird about wanting to participate.

Music at the PL 2014
On Saturday “de fatwa’s” and “ß-Caroteen
De Fatwa’s is a female punkrockband from Amsterdam (Holland) and exist since february 2003. Their music is a fast take on the basics of late 70ties punk. The songs are straightforward and short, with lyrics about women’s issues and social politics. They are composed of a guitarist, bassist, drummer and a singer.
ß-Caroteen, Fast Crustpunk from Emmen/Hengelo, their songs are about veganism, anarchism, opression and daily events and mostly played at the speed of light and the sound of a vulcano erupting!

On Sunday: “Gipsy Rufina
“Gipsy Rufina is a songwriter.
His music takes you to a travel. Hitting roads and boarderwalks of the whole world and sailing the oceans for so many years he took inspiration from his life for his “tales singing”.
The intense atmosphere he creates with his voice and the acoustic guitar sounds like a “spaghetti western” crude and minimal folk but warm and deep at the same time, soaked in self irony with Italian flair. The daring try of get back to a romantic singing aimed to share his own true stories.”